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    Denied medical claims…

    Denied medical claims…

    When an insurance company denies your medical claim, this can cause a lot of stress and frustration on you and the family. Kate Weissman is a young woman who survived cervical cancer with a relatively new treatment called proton therapy. Proton therapy is a particle therapy that uses beams of protons to irradiate diseased tissue without damaging other organs nearby. This treatment happened to be the best choice for Mrs. Weissman because she’s young with a curable disease. Two years later, Mrs. Weissman is cancer free but it wasn’t an easy journey. Not only was she fighting for her life, she was fighting her insurance company. Proton therapy is an expensive treatment, it costs 95,000 dollars, money that you would think in this type of medical emergency your insurance carrier would help pay for. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for Mrs. Weissman and that isn’t the case for multiple people. Her insurance company, UnitedHealth looked after themselves instead of a woman who was in dire need of help.


    UnitedHealth’s reasoning was that this form of treatment did not have enough medical evidence to show that it would be effective for her condition. They said this after being told by six doctors certified in surgical oncologist that this would be the best treatment for her. The main issue was that Kate Weissman and her doctors’ voices weren’t heard. Instead of listening to individuals who knew all of their information, they listened to a woman who wasn’t even qualified to speak on reproductive cancer. It makes you wonder if they just wanted to come up with any excuse to not pay that amount of money?


    Kate Weissman is not the only person who was denied by her insurance company. Cancer patients whose doctors recommend proton therapy are denied by their insurers more than 40% of the time. Insurance companies seem to be the deciding factor on whether or not a person is going to even begin walking towards a healthy future. Kate Weissman had her parents to help her pay the 95,000 dollars for the treatment, but some people aren’t as lucky.  Situations like this shouldn’t happen. Insurance companies refusing to help patients pay for their medical treatments are unacceptable. It shouldn’t be them deciding whether or not someone gets better, it should be the doctors and they should listen and take their opinions seriously.


    Gables Medical Review will help determine if your denied claim can be paid by the carrier.  Their goal is to make sure that the insurance company pays what they’re supposed to so that what happened to Kate Weissman and millions of others does not happen to you.

    If you or someone you know has been unpaid or overpaid insurance claims:

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