Welcome to Gables Medical Review

Gables Medical Review specializes in helping individuals navigate the medical insurance claims process to ensure they receive the benefits they were promised and only pay what they owe.

Our Motto

At GMR, our mission is to translate the language of medical billing and to overcome uncooperative medical insurers to save our clients valuable time and money. Let us focus on your medical bills, so you can focus on healing.

Our Features

Gables Medical Review is the leading insurance recovery group in the industry. Here’s why.

  • Expert insights
    The majority of unfair insurance billing tactics go unnoticed. The industry experts at GMR are well versed in these behaviors and can determine if your medical provider has charged you money you do not owe.
  • Clients-first philosophy
    Feeling confused and helpless about your medical bills? This is all too common today. We are committed to helping our clients understand the complex language in their insurance policy and explanations of benefits – putting that language in easy to understand terms.

Why Choose Gables Medical Review?

The medical insurance field is fraught with improper billing practices and unfair customer service tactics devised specifically to keep you from understanding the claims process, and to discourage appealing denials. We provide a simple report, in plain English that explains your medical bills. This summary will give you peace of mind, knowing that both the medical provider and the insurance company complied with their obligations. If they didn’t comply, we empower you to recover from them on your own with a clear understanding of what you need to do. Our parent company, Gables Insurance Recovery, can handle this process for you.